Nicola Mangini

With over 22 years of working in the Italian retail industry in a variety of roles, Nicola Mangini is the general manager of the Melite Properties Group. Nicola Mangini graduated with an honours degree in Business Economics from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan in 2003. Whilst undergoing his studies, Mr Mangini was initially employed as a junior manager in Decathlon Italia. During his five years at Decathlon Italia, Nicola was promoted and given different roles in the company, ending his time there as Department Manager – Sportswear. Thereafter, Nicola joined the following companies, occupying various managerial roles in the retail sector: Benetton Retail, Co. Import (a home furniture company) and Pam Group (a food supermarket).

In 2007, Mr Mangini commenced his employment with Melite Italia Srl as operations manager, with a focus on running the Accessorize brand in Milan. Nicola was shortly thereafter promoted to general manager of the wider Melite group. During the following 11 years, Mr Mangini, as part of senior management of the group, was instrumental in the development of the Accessorize-Monsoon, ALDO®, 3INA and CKU brands in Italy. Within the same period, Nicola was also responsible for the roll-out and operations of Accessorize-Monsoon and ALDO® in the Austrian market. Mr Mangini not only brings with him the retail experience but also the commercial know-how and real estate intricacies of the Italian marketplace. Nicola has also extensive experience in brand management, growth, people management skills, sales and marketing.