Executive Management – Melite Finance PLC

Andrew Ganado

Andrew Ganado graduated with honours, from the London School of Economics, in Economics and Finance in 1989. Immediately thereafter, he joined the Gasan Group of Companies, working in various parts of the family group of companies, but primarily focusing on the business development, commercial centres and retail sectors of the group. Mr Ganado was involved in the setting up and operation of two international brands in Malta, these being Standa and Coin. In 1994, he negotiated the establishment of the Monsoon and Accessorize brands in Malta, as one of the first international franchise partners for these brands, retaining a minority stake in this operation. With a solid background in retail and business development, and his working relationship with Monsoon Accessorize, in 2002 Andrew Ganado was offered the franchisee rights for these brands in the north of Italy and subsequently, in 2005 for Austria. The ALDO® franchise for Italy and Austria was obtained in 2010; the ALDO® store network was developed before being sold to the ALDO® Group. Over the years, Andrew Ganado as co-owner and chief executive office, together with Christian Ganado, has successfully managed a number of global leading brands including ALDO® Shoes, Accessorize, Monsoon, 3INA Cosmetics and CKU in a number of territories, securing the opening of over 75 stores in various territories. Over this period Mr Ganado has managed to profit both out of the retail side of the business as well as the real estate. Andrew Ganado also has a number of other directorships on the boards of leading Maltese companies involved in the retail and property businesses.